The puck has yet to (officially) hit ice in Vegas and the hockey bug is already buzzing. Need proof? Just check out the attendance numbers for the Golden Knights’ first home preseason game. Check it: 17,101 people packed T-Mobile Arena that night. Where you haters at now, brochacho? Still not satisfied, Mr. McNeedy Pants? Swing by the Golden Knights’ practice facility, City National Arena. Just pop up to the second level of the facility and you’ll find MacKenzie River Pizza, Grill & Pub. The unofficial team bar, this place is decked out in all Golden Knights everything. And, adding the proverbial maple syrup to the top of the sundae, MacKenzie’s looks right down onto the Golden Knights’ practice rinks. **Canadian Accent** Pretty sweet, eh? Even being elbow deep in some poutine (not sure, but this might be the official food of hockey), we couldn’t help but notice how alive this place was. Literally, hundreds of men, women, children and man-children have packed this place for each preseason game to slug brew and talk puck. We’re as happy as a Mountie kissin’ a moose.


What are your thought’s of the #NHL in #LasVegas? #TMobileArea